Monday, 5 January 2015

Meet Felicity Wilson

Hi. I am Felicity, from Central Queensland. I live on a large farm with my hubby (who runs the property) and two little boys, Brae 5.5 years and Piper 4 years with Baby number 3 due May 2015. 

  I have always been a crafty kinda girl. I love putting different textures together, colour, reminiscing about a photo or art journal page....  It feels like 50 years since I started getting messy hands, only problem is I am not that old, lol... Nah, realistically I have been scrapping for over, 7 years, but I really got into after my eldest son’s birth. Sheesh - that's 5 and half years ago!! Time flies when you’re having fun!! I am a white paper covered in the colours of the rainbow with lots of fibres to make it lumpy and bumpy type of creativity soul!!

I am lucky enough to have my own little studio, where I escape when the boys are tucked in for the night and hubby is out on the tractor. I also use this little escape to try and hide out from the farm work, tee hee... no not really. I love getting outside helping out when I can, playing in my garden or learning about different crops. I love my little 'me' room and documenting my families adventures. 

I cant wait to inspire you and get to you know you.

Just a little taste of what I create.

Felicity XO

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