Monday, 21 September 2015


National Sea week  recently ran from the 5 -13 of September.  A few materials is all you need and you will soon have a great decorative item for your child's room. This would also be a fun activity to let your kids try over the school holidays. (coming up again very soon!!)

What you will need is:

A4 size piece of Canson 300gsm paper
Pebeo Studio acrylics in various colours
Various lengths of string and ribbon or lace
Simple sea creature images to reference
Paint palette
Embroidery hoop or two sticks
Permanent marker
Hole punch

I found some copyright free clip art images of sea creatures that I loved. Some of these were;  a mermaid, crab, seal, seahorse, seaweed and squid. I used a pencil to sketch out the images on to the paper. It is important to use the 300gsm as it holds the acrylic paint well and is wonderful to work with.

Carefully cut out your images and then paint them using the colours you love to work with. Remember to do one side, let it dry and then paint the back side as well. Because it will be hanging up, both front and back will be visible. Once both sides are painted, use a permanent marker to edge each image and add eyes and other details of your choice.

Next,  grab your hoop or sticks ( I  have used one hoop bought from an op shop) and use string to form a web of lines around on which you can hang your sea creatures.

 Using a hole punch, punch a hole big enough to fit your ribbon, lace or string and tie a different length  to each creature so that they  hang at varying lengths.


Hang up in your child's room and enjoy their delight. I made this for my 2 1/2 year old niece and she adores it. I would love to see your results. 
Until next month,
Helen x 

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