Saturday, 26 September 2015

Mepxy Max 16th Edition


4 Shades of Gray - Origami Swan

BY Ash Chain
Created with Canson Drawing 220 paper and Mepxy Brush Markers

Welcome all to another quite Mepxy marker tutorial. I'll be using 4 shades of gray for this one.

First you'll need your line work. I use two different thicknesses of art marker for this one. 0.8 and 0.2.

Then you want to take the darkest of the 4 shades of grey that you have chosen to work with and shade to areas in the origami crane where shadow would be darkest.

Then take your medium shade and colour over the top and about 4mm out from your darkest gray. This will help dissolve that harsh line the darker colour would have had. This also helps to bring the shadow out further while lightening it at the same time.

Repeat the previous step again with your second lightest gray.

Finally use your lightest gray and shade over the whole crane so the hard line of the previous colours blend more.

I also used the second lightest colour to flick some shadow as if the crane was sitting. That's all folks, I hope you've enjoyed this quick tutorial.

Colours used: NG01, NG02, NG03, NG04

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