Friday, 11 September 2015

Mepxy and Me

Mepxy & Me

Using Mepxy Markers to make personalised items.

Using nearly every  colour in the box of 24 Basic Design Markers form the Mepxy range, 
I created this stamped image to be used however you chose. From cards to journal inserts or a personalised framed image. 

Using the following Mepxy Markers from this wonderful juicy versatile set of alcohol markers: 
  • L09 Fresh Green
  • G07 Natural Green
  • G29 Pine Green
  • N05 Cyan
  • B06 Peacock Blue
  • P04 Lavender
  • V06 Iris Purple
  • P08 Blue Violet
  • 00 Colourless
  • 120 Black
  • Y06 Brightness Yellow
  • Y19 Imperial Yellow
  • 009 Red Ochre
  • 006 Cadmium Orange
  • W07 Light Mahogony
  • N18 Sepia
  • W29 Sienna
  • M29 Crimson
  • C05 Cyan
 I told you I used practically every colour in the box. And what an awesome set up. Mepxy have created these wonderful sets where al the colours work together and with it's special 'flip top fold-back' lid/top, it's so easy to see and access all of your Mepxy Markers.

Here's how to use them in your every day;
 From card making to personalised artworks as gifts. 
They have a super luscious juicy colour and are so wonderful and easy to use in all your projects.

Using a permanent black ink stamped,
 stamp your chosen image onto either Canson  paper.

Starting with P04 Lavender, I began shading and adding light touches where needed.

Blend and soften with 00. 

Add tiny spots of M29 , P04 and Co5 to the flowers. 
Blend with the 00.

Blend all colours with 00

Continue adding the colours.

Begin using all the range/brown shades to add to the brick tones. 


Darker shadow around the greenery using G29 Pine Green

Add shadow and colour to flowers, bushes etc.
Using V06 and P08

A few touches with the black marker or a fine
 tip black permanent marker give the image the detail needed.

Now it's just up to you as to how you want to use it.

As always, I hope that this info has been useful and it gives you a little glimpse as to how AWESOME Mepxy alcohol Markers are.
SUPER juicy and full of colour.
Hands down……BRILLIANT!

Till I see you again

Lot's of creative joy to you,


Kerry Sinigaglia