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Mepxy Marker - 2D Animation!

Mepxy Marker - 2D Animation

"Velma Pigglesworth goes to Africa"

For one of my assessment pieces at University last year, I wanted to make a 2D animation and decided to create one using the Mepxy Markers. 

I called it "Velma Pigglesworth Goes to Africa" which was a short animation of this crazy red haired girl taking photos of the animals she came across in her travels. It only went for 60 seconds, but was a lot of fun to make!

The animation included over 100 drawings which were created on Canson Bleedproof paper.


I started by ruling up 4 squares per page and then drew my sketch in pencil and then coloured using the Mepxy Markers and occasionally would finish with some pen detailing.



The markers I used for this work were: 
  • The Basic 36 Brush Marker set

  • The Pastel Design Marker set.

  • And the Tonal Grey Brush Marker set.



Here are some of the concept art drawings I created for the animation.

Originally, the animation was going to be about a giraffe called Gerald... or Jeffery? I can't remember. But this was a sketch I created of the said giraffe!

I wanted to try some thumbnail sketches of backgrounds and these were so much fun to create!

Creating Velma Pigglesworth.

 Looks like I gave her a swimsuit for the African Desert, guess I wasn't thinking practically ha-ha!

And here are some of the drawings I created for the animation:


My desk set-up!

Some of the first drawings.

Drawing the trees!

Velma being Velma!

The giraffe was probably my favourite character of them all!

 The Leopard! I felt like Cruella DeVille with all the spots.

The Elephant and baby elephant which was so much fun to draw. 
You can see how I wasn't afraid to draw over the edge of the boundaries in the square  because I was going to crop it in the end.

More Elephants.

The Lion was a bit tricky to draw, but he was great in the end.

I used mainly three colours for the Elephants.

I had to extend the boundaries of my drawing in this one to get the detail in, but I just move the ratio of the squares.

The colours I used for the Gazelle.

All the drawings!

And now for the actual animation:

I used Adobe Flash, Final Cut X and GIMP to make the video.

Music is "Ah Zabenya" from The Lion King and "Sun" by "Jonsi".
Various sound effects were added in Final Cut X.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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Natalie Wyatt

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  1. Wow Natalie. This was such a cool blog. How wonderful to get a glimpse into the process behind animation. Loved it.