Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Let's plan with Mepxy Design Markers

The planner bug has hit the internet at the speed of light! planners, filofaxes, midori travelers notebooks are all the rage, and there are several communities thriving online today devoted to planning systems, stickers,  dividers and much much more! I myself, have been a planner girl for many years since highschool actually when we were given our student diaries to keep track of our homework and tasks. My student diary was a work of art! 

Now many years later, with two kids an a husband later I am still a planner geek! I have gone from student diaries, to ring bound binders (filofaxes) and now I am a Midori Travelers Notebook girl. But all planners aside this post is about creating DIY things to help you with your planning needs.

Planner stickers are booming currently, with etsy sellers from all around the world creating amazing stickers, it can be easy to drop a bomb in a blink of an eye! but I'm a mumma on a budget, so I like to try and use things I have at my finger tips! 

The Mepxy Design Markers are vibrant and beautiful alcohol markers that are a cheaper alternative to the the very expensive Copic Markers! They have several ranges, but I am working with the design markers today! 

At my local supermarket they had packs of white adhesive labels on clearance for a whopping 74 cents. I grabbed a handful and bought them home. I got my Mepxy Design markers out and started colouring the labels in! I halved the size of the label as my stamps are only small and I didn't want to waste any!  I then used my plan it stamp set from Studio L2E and some Stazon Ink and stamped away! The colour combos and icons are endless! You can make as many as you want!
  I then kept the label the original size and grabbed another marker to create these lovely little hydrate stickers for the days when I know I need to make sure I'm getting enough water into my system!

Then I moved onto tasks I needed to get done and wanted to draw a lot of attention to. So I turned my attention to the transparent sticky notes you can get at Daiso, I love these things but always have troubles finding uses for them! Bring on the Bright RED Mepxy marker!

I made a big bright swatch with the Mepxy marker then grabbed my checklist stamp stamped it onto the transparent sticky film, give it a few seconds to dry (I touch it lightly to see if there is any transfer) then you've got a check list you can move about your planner, thats bold and in your face without bleeding through several planner pages! This is probably my most loved way to use the markers! its creative and yet useful!

Get your hands on the bright and wonderful Mexpy Markers for your planning DIY's!
Have fun in your planners!
Courtney Diaz


  1. Love the planner, and those stamps look awesome too. I need to make my planner more colourful now :)