Friday, 15 May 2015

Vibrant vintage


Are you ready for some 'junking' ? 
When I say junking, I mean hot footing it to your nearest op-shops and markets to find yourself some vintage cut/pressed glass to add some serious colour too.
Appart from the joy of scavenging for just the right glassware, this project is super easy and adds some serious colour to your table. 

Supplies used in this project: Pebeo Vitrea160in; Pimento Red(brilliant), Anise, Azure and Sun Yellow( brilliant). Princeton brush set, sizes; Flat 1/2", wash 1/4 and round 4. 
Rubbing alcohol paper towel and cotton buds.

Now once you've washed or wiped the glass down with rubbing alcohol, you can decide on the colours you'd like to use and have a good look at your glassware and decide what colours you want where. 

I used a tall glass to rest my glassware on upside-down so I could turn it easily as I painted.

Try to keep the brushstrokes smooth and and an even thickness. The paint needs to be somewhat dry before layering another coat. 
Move on to the next section you want to colour. Bright colours worked very well on this piece. 

If you and up going over the 'line', clean up straight away with a cotton bud dipped in rubbing alcohol. 

YOu can see from th picture here that the raised areas of glass haven't as much colour. Another coat or two will fix that. But remember to wait a few minutes before adding more paint. 

Now, the base on this one was hollow and I could access the inside of it. This actually worked really well as it prevents any damage to the paint in future. 
A nice bold blue and the whole piece has really taken on a completely different look. 
Very Mexican I think. 

Whatever you choose colour wise, don't be afraid to revamp old glassware and give it a new lease on life. Whether you prefer more shabby chic colours  or the brights, Pebeo have a great range to chose from and colours can be customised with a little 'mixing it up' on a craft mat to make your perfect shade. 

MOST importantly, don't forget to allow the whole piece to dry for at least 24hrs and then bake in a regular oven for 40min at 160ºC.

So are you ready to get your 'junking' shoes on and get out there? 
Have fun hunting down your piece for this project and go for it.
Please let me know how you went. I'd love to know you are enjoying these projects as much as I am. 

Kerry Sinigaglia

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