Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Mixed Media Girl

When you are working in journals or creating your own mixed media work it is so much fun to incorporate collage into your art piece. One of my favourite ways to do this is to re-use my own art. 

Materials I Used 
A piece of artwork to be photocopied
Photocopier and copy paper
Matte Medium 
Old flat brush
CANSON Canvas Paper A3 size
Gloss Gel Medium
Craft Sequins
Graphite Pencil (I like 2H for sketching)
Matte Acrylic Craft Paints (I used the colour Alizarin Crimson)
PEBEO Vitrea 160 paint in Glossy Pimento Red, Glossy Turquoise, Glossy Ink Black
PEBEO 160 Vitrea Transparent Outliner in Pearl and Gold
PEBEO 160 Vitrea Frosted colours, Rose Pink, and Sky
PEBEO 160 Vitrea Markers Glossy, in Pepper Red, Sandalwood Green, Bengal Pink and Black
PEBEO 160 Vitrea Markers, Frosted, Mint
Light Pink Matte Acrylic Paint (I used Pink Lemonade by Semco)
Signo Uniball pen in white and Green
Black Fine Liner marker pen
Small Round Brush and Stencil Brush from Princeton
Schmincke Aero Colour inks, Brown, Magenta and White

My Mixed Media Girl

Step 1: For this project I have taken my Mexpy Marker Portrait and photocopied it on normal copy paper with my home ink jet printer. You  can refer to my previous blog here for a tutorial on how to colour a face with Mexpy markers.
Step 1
Step 2: Cut around the area you want to collage and glue it down in your chosen position using matte medium. I cover both the back and front of my piece to be collaged with the medium and an old flat brush.
Step 2
Step 3: I am envisioning  this new girl will be wearing something decorative in her hair so I have painted an area of gloss gel where this decoration will be and also glued in some sequins.
Step 3
Step 4: I've used a 2H Graphite Pencil to sketch in where I think her hair and body will be.
Step 4
Step 5: I've used a Matte acrylic craft paint in a Alizarin Crimson to layer in where I imagine shadow would fall on her dress.
Step 5
Step 6: To colour the dress I have used Pebeo160 Vitrea paint, Glossy Pimento Red. I am using this paint because it gives a beautiful, luminous glossy look that you probably can't really appreciate in a photo, but is just gorgeous. Go over the entire area including the area you shaded with acrylic paint.

Step 6
Step 7: Use the Pearl Outliner to draw in lines to indicate hair. Let dry for 15 minutes or so before painting.
Step 7
Step 8: For the hair colour I mixed together Turquoise and Black Pebeo 160 Vitrea Glossy paints. The nature of this paints is to really show the brush strokes so make sure you go in the direction that the hair would be going. I also used this colour to change the colour of the iris, and add a bit of deeper shadow to areas of the dress.

Step 8
Store left over paint in a small dish cover with plastic wrap in case you want to use it again later.
Step 9: For the hair decoration of have used Pebeo Vitrea frosted colours in Rose Pink and Sky. I have used a round brush and short brush strokes to indicate petals. The sequins became the centre of the flowers.
Step 9

Step 10: To redden the lips I used Pebeo Vitrea Marker in Glossy Pepper Red
Step 10
Step 11: I've decided I want to add back some detail on the dress. Because the Pebeo Vitra is quite translucent, I've put some liquid gesso down first, this will ensure the decoration really pops!
Step 11
Step 12: I'm now using the Pebeo Vitrea Markers to add in finer detail. I am using Mint to add leaves and Pepper Red around the flowers on the dress.
Step 12
Step 13: Using the Pink and white Pebeo Vitrea again to add colour into the flowers. I just sort of dabbed it on using the small round brush.
Step 13
Step 14: Using the Sandalwood Green Marker to add more colour to the hair decoration.
Step 14
Step 15: Use the Black Pebeo Marker to add more detail in the hair piece and also to add a bit more colour deviation to the hair, especially close to the face where there would be shadows.
Step 15
Step 16: Use the Black Pebeo marker to darken the lash line, pupils and draw in lashes. I've also used a brown Prismacolour pencil (Espresso) to darken the eyelid crease, the eyebrows and a bit of shadow on the neck.

Step 16
Step 17: Use the Gold Outliner to add an earring and details to the decoration on the dress.
Step 17
Step 18: Use Gesso and a Light Pink Matte Acrylic Paint for the background. Instead of just painting it on, use a vertical dabbing motion with a stencil brush, and the pointy end of a brush to get different textures. I am also going onto my girl with paint, I want to give the impression of snow falling onto her.
Step 18
Step 19: I've used a Signo Green Gel Pen to add some fine detail like veins into the leaves and a White Signo to whiten the centre of the flowers. I've used a fine black marker pen to add detail into the flowers on the dress.
Step 19
Step 20: When the background had dried I have used a soft large round brush (like a mop brush) with watered down Schminke Ink in Brown to add colour. Be careful when you are doing this, have a paper towel ready as you don't want the ink to run where it's not supposed to.  I also used the White ink straight from the dropper to add splotches of white and a little bit of Magenta and White inks mixed together to gain back some pinky colour into the background. She's finished.

Step 20 - finished.