Thursday, 7 May 2015

Mothers Day gift idea.


A simple Mothers day gift idea for the kids to create.

SUPPLIES: Pebeo Setacolor opaque paints; oriental blue, oriental green, orange and butter cup.
 white tea towel, stencils of choice, sponge,

Get the kids involved this Mothers day and make dear Mum a DEER gift. This project is suitable from young kids to teens. Easy and affordable. Not to mention, special.

STEP 1 Tape down the background design stencil. Load up the sponge with the colour of choice. Here I used butter cup yellow. Begin at the bottom of the stencil making sure the stencil image is filled with colour. As you work up toward the top , begin dragging the sponge. This will give the background the effect of gradually fading in intensity toward the top.

STEP 2: Lign up the deer or other image you've chosen. Tape down the edges. Now with the oriental blue, sponge the colour over the background. Be sure you cover the background want that to show through.

STEP 3: This is a little 'trick of the eye' effect. You can leave this out if the kids find it too difficult. But it can easily be done with the Pebeo SetaSkrib markers instead if you have them. Her I chose another colour, in this case, orange. CAREFULLY place the deer stencil back over the image. (make sure the first oat is dry) Move it to the left a little, revealing a fine outline. Tape down, and begin sponging from the outside inwards with the orange. This kind of gives a 3D effect. 

Step 4: As you can see from the above image , the deer appears quite dark in areas.. I re-aligned the deer stencil again carefully over the original blue deer image, then worked over it with oriental green. I like the deeper colour. It also covered the overlapped sponging. 

STEP 5: Once the paint is all dry, iron on the reverse side to make it permanent. Now all you have to do is wrap it up and wait to see Mums face as she opened her special hand made gift on Mothers Day. 

To all the Mums everywhere
Happy Mothers Day

Kerry Sinigaglia


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  1. This is so cool Kerry Great way to use the fabric paints!