Monday, 25 May 2015

Altered Book Art Journal with Pebeo Studio Watercolours & Mepxy Markers

 Do you have some old books lying around that you are thinking of throwing out?? We not re-purpose them into a treasured art journal. Altering book covers and the printed pages is heaps of fun too.

 A handy medium to use when working with old book paper is a Transparent or Clear Gesso. This helps to give the paper (especially old papers) more strength. Clear Gesso gives the page more tooth and leaves a chalky feel to the paper.

Step 1:
Add a coat of Clear Gesso over the pages.
Step 2: Add white Pebeo Studio Watercolour with a pallet knife and then spritz with water.
Step 3: Once dry add another coat of clear gesso to set the watercolour paint. To get a smooth and free from brush strokes I use paper towel or a wipe to smooth the clear gesso.
Step 4: outline your drawing onto the page.
Step 5: Add Burnt Sienna and sap green watercolour paints and spritz with water to blend and run for the hair. (Next time I will do the hair last and the face first)
Step 6: Start colouring in the face with the mepxy markers. I also used Prismacolour pencils and more of the watercolour paints to get the skin how I want it.
Step 7: Keep blending and drawing until you are happy with all the colours and drawing. I also used a white pen to add the highlights to the eyes
Step 8: Finish off with journaling on the opposite page.