Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Mepxy Max 8th Edition


Get Foxy

BY Ash Chain
Created with A4 Canson Drawing 220 paper and Mepxy Markers

Good evening all! I love foxes and they love mice. This piece may be a little dark for some but I wanted to focus on fur for this tute. Enjoy.

First of all you get your general line work down. I don't put much focus I like work when it comes to fur. That comes when colouring.


As our lovely fox is orange tones it's a great idea to use contrasting colours such as blues and greens to make him pop! For the blueberries I used a dabbing motion rather than sipping or simply filling in the blank spaces. As the berries are small I like to have a little more control over the colouring process. I use dabbing to blend the colours too.

Now for the greens. Because I blended the blueberries I wanted a bit more of a striking bold look to the foliage so I filled them in very plainly so as to not take away from the berries.

I start by colouring the fox with the smallest areas first as they will be the quickest. the tips of the ears. I used three different cool grays (CG05 CG07 CG08) to create the light and shadow I wanted. Simple blending was used here by just slightly going over the previous colour with the new colour.

Starting with my medium/light orange tones I flick colour in. Careful not to saturate these colours as I only wanted light coats to create the illusion of hair or fur. The going over with you medium tone, continue flicking the brush marker to create that "flick" or tapered look. Also use your medium/dark tone to create contours to give your face depth. Then I go over with an orange and flick little random bits in there so it looks more like a fox orange. I finally go over  the whole face (just the orange) with my lightest colour to slightly soften the flicks of fur and to create highlights.

Now for the "white" jaw. I use purples such as P00 and P31 plus CG01 to get the look i want. Same technique is used with as this is still fur.

Again the same flicking technique is used for the mice.

There you have it ladies and gents. I hope i have helped you in the ways of creating your own mepxy fur. Unfortunately accidents happen, hence the grey blur at the bottom. I'm SLOWLY trying to bleed it out of the paper with 00.

Colours used: 00 CG01, CG04, CG06, CG07, CG08, B12, 121, B45, N25, O07, N18, 027, W09, P00, M02, W49, N05, W37, N27, W13, P31, L67, G99, L24, P04, B06, B37

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  1. Awesome Ash. Thanks for showing us how to get the effect of fur. And those berries look good enough to eat.