Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Create a Rose Gold Mug For Someone Special

Material Required For This Project
  • A plain white ceramic mug
  • Scotch Blue Painters Tape
  • Self-adhesive stencil by Portacraft (optional)
  • Pebeo Porcelaine Outliner in Gold
  • Pebeo Porcelaine 150 Glossy Gold paint
  • Pebeo Porcelaine 150 Glossy Scarlet paint
  • Pebeo Porcelaine 150 Glossy Olivine Green paint
  • Small round brush, I like Princeton brushes
  • Cleaning alcohol and paper towel to clean mug

 Step 1: Wash your mug in hot soapy water, dry it, clean off with cleaning alcohol to remove any residue, then wipe with a paper towel to dry.

Stick the scotch Blue Painters TapeAround the top edge of the mug.

I cut the stencil out from the sheet of self adhesive stencils I found at a craft shop. They are really handy for curved surfaces because they will adhere flat to them. If you can't find this stencil you could just draw in lines with the outliner.

Step 1
 Step 2: With your gold outliner fill in the empty spaces of the stencil. This gives a great 3D effect to your design.
Step 2
 Step 3: Next you can begin to fill in the petal with your gold paint.

Step 3
 Step 4: Add the Scarlet paint. Don't be afraid to be a little messy and mix the colours together. this will give both a nice painterly effect, and some beautiful rose gold tones.

Step 4
Step 5: Use your red and gold paints and the small round brush to create some small rose buds of different sizes randomly around your mug.

Step 5
 Step 6: Use your Olivine Green to create the leaves. The nature of the paint means that with the small round brush you can create brush marks that look like the veins in the leaves. When you try it for yourself you will see what I mean.

Step 6
 Step 7: Use the outliner to draw a clean line up against the edge of the tape.

Step 7 
 Step 8: Remove the tape and draw in a decorative squiggles.

Step 8
Don't forget to bake your mug in the oven according to the packet instructions. This will make your design dishwasher safe and you will have it for ever.

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  1. This beautiful cup wold make tea time extra special. Great job Dee