Thursday, 28 May 2015

Guest Designer Helen Syngaris- Hope Full and Free!

It’s Helen here again for the Crafty Crusaders!

For this month’s project we are keeping it simple using a box canvas from Pebeo.
No need to frame. Just attach some hanging cord or wire and you are good to display your own original on the wall!


 Materials needed are:
 *20cm x 40cm 3D 100% cotton box canvas from pebeo
 *Schmincke brand heavy body matt gel 50522
 *Pebeo acrylic colours in: 
Turquoise Blue 30, Burnt Umber 29, Buff Titanium 65, Raw Sienna 36, Yellow Ochre 27, Vivid Pink 45, Napthol Carmine 18, Hookers Green 44, Paynes Grey 40, Primary Yellow 48, and Oriental Violet 21
 * Old atlas pages
 * Scrapbook pages from your stash
 * Star stencil
 * Stencil of choice for canvas sides
 * Pencil
 * Palette knife
 * Brushes
 * Mod Podge
 * White gel pen
 * Black gel pen

 Gather your supplies and choose a colour to paint around the side edges of the canvas. I’ve chosen Turquoise Blue. Paint around outside edges and leave to dry. Use a heat gun if you’re impatient like me!


 I chose a flowery stencil for the sides of my canvas. Using a palette knife and the Schmincke heavy body matt gel, I applied the gel through the stencil randomly around the four outside edges over the turquoise. This gel is fabulous when you want to add a bit of texture. It goes on white but dries transparent. The thicker the application, the longer it takes to dry. I'll be adding colour over this later.


 Now to the front of the canvas. Lightly sketch in your figure. I then used some old atlas pages and stuck them down randomly around my figure for the background. Tear them up into different sizes and shapes. This is the fun part where you don't have to be precise. Once dry, I gessoed lightly over the background to make it recede. I want my figure to be the focal point not the background.

                              IMG_4923 IMG_4924

 I then went on to sticking down the papers for the dress. Once this was done I began painting the hair, face and crown. I love this part of my project. I get to see the personality of the figure come out!

                              IMG_4928 IMG_4931

 I tend to paint in thin layers for this part adjusting things as I go along and highlighting different elements when I'm happy with the result. I then added some more paper embellishments to the background to fill in any areas of the composition I felt need something.


 I then wanted to add some bling to the crown. I mixed primary yellow with the schmincke heavy body matt gel and applied it randomly through a star stencil at the top of the crown. I couldn't help myself and decided to add some more stars down the side of the figure. Love the texture and dimension this technique gives my work.


To finish off the piece, I outlined the figure, decorated her hair with white dots and used my fingers to put an edge on the canvas with the turquoise and oriental violet. The side edges of canvas also gota thin coating of Oriental violet over the dried matt gel.

                                             FullSizeRender FullSizeRender


I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and it inspires you to have a go at one yourself.
Would love to see your creations!!

 Until next month,


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