Monday, 30 March 2015

Pebeo paint with Felicity

Hello, Felicity here today.

I have been playing in my art journal again this time experimenting with some Pebeo paint. These paints are mainly used for fabric or porcelain.
This time what I did was layer my watercolour paper first with Gesso. Then I used a spatula and layer my colours on. Of course I didn't wait for Gesso to try, who has time for that... Tee hee. Because the gesso was still wet, it allowed these paint colours to be 'toned' down.

I then used some black Alcohol ink and put a stripe at the top and then tipped my book up so that the ink would drip.

I did then wait for all this try. Then I used a stencil/mask and a sponge and put some circles on the page. As you can see, same colours but darker, that because there was no wet gesso.
Once these dried I grabbed a nappy wipe and rubbed the circles, removing some paint so that it would leave some 'white worn' patches.

To finish off I doodled around some circles, added some stamping and a title.

Material list: Pebeo lightgreen, Parma Violet, Azure, Alcohol ink black, Watercolour paper.

Its amazing what you can do with products that aren't necessarily made for paper.
After all aren't Art rules there to be broken?? Tee hee

Happy painting! :)
Felicity! XO

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