Monday, 9 March 2015

Let the festivities begin


                                                                Add a little festive colour
What a wonderful opportunity to express and play with the wonderful Pebeo SetSkrib markers and permanent paints.
Both my kids were impressed with the outcome of my most recent project,…
And that's no mean feat……
 So here's what and how I managed to impress two teenagers, of both male and female persuasion….

 Collecting all of my SetaSkrib markers and opaque paints together , I began creating some wonderful and fun designs.
 To begin, I started with both SetaSkrib+  markers in both Fluro and basics markers
  Here's a step by step photo  album to follow so you can create your own personalised  banners/bunting.

Mark our your flag design.
Pin  and cut out

Using stencils, create images you desire
for your flags with Pebeo fabric paints and
 sponge on paint.

 Using your SetaSkrib markers ,
add depth to the design with detail and extra colour.

Using SetaSkrib markers, create floral
roses and leaves for extra detail with a few simple marks.

Using a sponge and Pebeo Setacolor opaque paints,
stencil your design onto your flag for colouring.

Using your markers, colour in the design for visual impact.

After stitching the flags onto  a binding trim
I then hot glued a little extra pom-pom trim
for a little touch of Mexico.

Once stitched and trimmed,
I added a little extra with tassels and beads.
Have fun with personalising.

Ready to hang for your next festivity.


  1. I see why both your kids were impressed. It looks pretty amazing!!!!

  2. I love it Kerry! I need to hunt down some similar stencils.