Saturday, 14 March 2015

Create An Inspiring Background with Schmincke Aero Colour Ink

Getting started on a new painting can often be difficult when you are staring down at a blank canvas and waiting for inspiration to come. But there is a really easy and fun way to get ideas and direction for your artwork.
"A Mermaid in Her Garden"

I started the above painting by employing one of my favourite techniques, simply throwing on ink in a free, random and organic way. Here is a short video showing how easy it is to create a beautiful and complex background in less than five minutes.

Inspiring Background ideas with Schmincke inks from Dee Noney on Vimeo.

The Schmincke Aero Color Professional Inks are absolutely beautiful to use and pigment rich.
Background created with Schmincke Ink
Once I had created this beautiful background, my ideas for a painting began to emerge. I immediately felt that this was going to be an underwater scene, which meant of course meant I had to paint a mermaid.

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