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Easter Lanterns

Easter Lanterns
By Natalie Wyatt 


Made with "Pebeo Vitrea Outliners and Frosted Paints"


 Well Easter is very much on it's way! Along with the cooler weather so I thought this would be a fun idea for the upcoming season, suitable for indoor and outdoor settings.
Alternatively you could recreate this design on any form of glass, window, candle-holder, plate etcetera and if you wish to re-create the design on porcelaine then just substitute the colours for Porcelaine 150 Outliners and pots of paint.
The colours in this tutorial are just a guide and you could create, add or change any of them to what's available or preferred colours.

What you will need:
  • Stencil Print Out
  • Bouclair Home Bali Lanterns (9cm x 17cm)
  • Pebeo Vitrea 160 Paints (Frosted)
    • Lemon Yellow
    • Aniseed Green
    • Azure Blue
    • Rose Pink
    • Mint
    • White is optional if you want to paint the rabbit.
  • Vitrea 160 Outliner in Pearl and Gold
  • Scissors
  • Water, Tape, Tissue
  • Paintbrush (Princeton)
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Print out the above image. It should be printed out at this size. Which is 8cm by 5.8cm.

Cut out the stencil shape.

I left a bit to overhang at the top of the image.

Take a small piece of sticky tape and wrap it on itself to create a sticky tack.

Place the tape at the top and bottom of your image.
It doesn’t matter if it covers part of your image.

Twist the bottom candle holder to take it out.

Give your glass a clean if it has marks or dust on it. 

Slip your stencil inside the lantern.

Press it up against the glass so the tape sticks your image to the glass.
This may be a bit fiddly trying to get it into place.

Your design should now be pressed up against the glass.

Prop your lantern up on an angle so you can see it better.

Start with the Pearl outliner and start to outline the eggs.

Practice using the outliner first on a scrap of paper to understand how best to use it.

Continue the rest of the egg. You may want to add your own design to the eggs.
Try your best to have all the lines intersecting so that it creates a barrier for the paint later on.

Now take your Gold outliner and trace the Rabbit.

You should now have all your lines.

Pull the paper from the glass and take it out through the bottom again.

You now have your outline.

Using the Princeton brush, laden your brush with Azure Blue paint.

Drip it onto the egg shapes; this is where the outliner barriers come in handy.

Gently nudge the paint across the section.

Now proceed with the Anise Green.

Next is the Lemon Yellow.

Then the Rose pink.

The Menthe green is next.

To create a gradient colour, fill a section with two colours.

Then using your brush, gently mix them together in the middle.
Making sure you wash your brush in between.

Repeat with the pink and yellow gradient.

These patterns look fantastic when baked.

Now that you are finished, make sure that you leave your lantern lying flat with the paint side facing up, otherwise you risk the paint running. As I had the unfortunate pleasure of experiencing! Ha-ha!
Leave the paint for 24 hours before baking otherwise you will create air-bubbles in the paint which was also an unfortunate event!


 Please send us your work or anything that you create! Thanks for watching!
Natalie Wyatt
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  1. Oh how cute!!!! Thanks for the tips on air bubbles and running paint! Very helpful. ;-)