Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Schmincke Inky fun

Airbrush your cares away
with Schmincke Aero Color

Being the month of Halloween, and INKtober, I decided to share with you a sample  of some of the great backgrounds  that you can achieve with Schmincke Aero Color acrylic inks and an airbrush. 

Supplies include an airbrush, Schmincke Aero colour inks in colours of your choice, Airbrush medium and stencils. 

I used  Opaque white, Magenta and neutral grey .

I have a great leather bound photo album from Florence I   love to create my more 'spooky' artworks in. The paper is very absorbent and great for this technique. 
After selecting a range of stencils and setting up my airbrush I laid out my spiderweb stencil first and used white ink for the first layer. 

Mixing a few drops of white and magenta and some airbrush fluid into the airbrush cup, I created a softer pink and sprayed away, this time using a tree stencil.

This is how the sprays look
 on the grey photo album paper.

I didn't have a crow stencil, bu this bird stencil
 worked just as well with the neutral grey ink. 

Here's the end result. It's a lot of fun playing with these great inks in an airbrush. The great thing is, you can create great backgrounds to work on so easily, and the ink has a wonderful soft look.
NOTE: The rest of my page was created with pencil, acrylic paint and some pastel. 
Another sample of some airbrushing
 using varied stencils

Now, it's just up to you as to what you want to create. Of course the ink will react differently on different surfaces and keep in mind it is water resistant once dry. So, I hope you have some fun with this and create some inky backgrounds you can turn into something special. 

See you all again soon


Kerry Sinigaglia

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