Thursday, 1 October 2015

Paint Pretty, Purple, Pebeo Ponies

"Purple Ponies" Wind-cheater
You can create gorgeous hand-painted designs for your kids with Pebeo Setacolor fabric paints and markers like this cute "Purple Ponies" Wind-cheater. I've included a PDF of the design for you to down-load and colour.

Here's what I used for this project (You can really use whatever Pebeo Setacolour and Setaskrib you desire):

  • Basic plain colour wind-cheater (washed without fabric softeners and ironed)
  • Heat n Bond Ultrahold  double-sided adhesive webbing (above) or other similar product
  • A piece of plain, thin, white poly-cotton fabric (I actually used the back of an old pillow slip) make sure your fabric is washed (without fabric softeners) and ironed before starting.
  • Pencil for tracing
  • Pebeo Setacolor Opaque colours, I used Light Green, White, Bengal Pink, Garnet Red, Parma Violet, Butter Cup, Cornflower
  • Pebeo Setaskrib Markers, I used all the colours from the fluro set (Pink, Yellow, Green, Purple, Blue, orange) and Blue, Green, Yellow, Blue and Black from the basics set
  • Small round brushes, and one flat angled brush about 1cm wide
  • Pretty Ponies design download
  • Printer (to print the design)
  • Iron to fix the paint when finished
My Pretty Ponies design was inspired by some artwork I did quite a while ago.

My inspiration
I have included it so you can have another reference for colours and shading, but really use your imagination and have fun. 

To begin the project download the design and print it up. Place your white poly-cotton fabric over the top of the print. The fabric should be thin enough to see the design right through and you can trace it with a pencil.
Design traced onto fabric
Once you have the design traced onto the fabric, go over the outlines with the markers. Don't worry about the colours being exact, use as close as you have, the Opaque paints will cover the lines.

Now have fun painting! You can mix the paints together to get a variety of colours and for shading. Mix them on your pallet or blend together on the fabric whilst they are still wet. 

You can use both paints and the markers to colour...

Use a small round brush for finer details and your flat brush for bigger areas...

Here I decided to add a butterfly. You can see where I practiced drawing it on the outside of the design, then I just drew it in with a pencil. 

I then went over the butterfly with white Setacolour paint. This help the butterfly "pop" out from the page when I colour it. The Sun was done using the Setaskrib Fluro Markers. Look how beautifully the blend.

Here is my finished design...

Now it time to use you iron to set the fabric paint. As per instructions on the packaging, you will need to iron for about 5 minutes.  Then take your Heat n Bond (or other double-sided webbing)  and follow the instructions to adhere your design to your wind-cheater.

Ta Da! It's done!

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  1. Wow! Fantastic. I bet there's a few girls out there wanting one of these. Brilliant project Dee. Thank you so much for sharing.