Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Mepxy meets metal

Embellish metal with Mepxy Markers.

  Adding embossed metal elements to items, such as storage boxes, glass jars, journals covers  and scrapbooking is a great way to add something a little extra. And why not personalise  it by colouring the metal with Mepxy Markers.
By simply colouring the metal before embossing, and adding a few tweaks afterward, you can create items such as I have done here.

Supplies to complete this project: Mepxy Markers in Chocolate, Sand storm, Sepia , Sienna, Black Vivid Blue, Vivid Green, Pine Green and Light Rose.
Sanding block, Paper towel, Rubbing Alcohol,  Embossing plates and dies, Letter punches, images or photos.

Start with your aluminium sheet cut to size. Colour the clean surface with "rusty' tones" like the caramel, chocolate , Sandstorm and Sepia.

Splash or drizzle small amour of rubbing alcohol onto the sheet. Let it pool or run. See what patterns you like in the effect then heat set it.  Run it through the machine in your chosen embossing plate and gently sand back the raised areas.

Llightly run the three blue green markers( pine green, vivid green and vivid blue) over the writing to give a verdigris effect. Now it's ready to go. 

Continue much the same way with just your black marker on the metal, run through your machine, sand back and you've cretaed yet another piece. Perfect for Halloween. 

Why stop there. Using a die cut 'label' run  your black marker over the piece and rub off with a paper towel whist still wet to create a pewter effect. Emboss whatever you like with letter punches. 
This looks so cute on cards and on little jars or milk glasses. 

 For family photos or cute cards, I chose this vintage image, coloured the metal with my light rose marker, rubbed off with a  paper towel and some rubbing alcohol, ran it through  the embossing machine and die, then with the same marker touched up the raised parts  and 'dabbed' it with a dry paper towel.


I hope you feel inspired to create some  of your own embellishments and play with those colours. 
A little tip: Aluminium flashing from the hardware store works the same as the sheets of aluminium from art/scrapping stores. And it's a lot cheaper. 

See you in a couple of weeks with another fu project and tips. 


Kerry Sinigaglia

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