Monday, 24 November 2014

Pebeo and Mepxy Mix!

Just sharing a project here today.  
An art journal page.

Lots of fun stuff on his page!!!

First up I drew a girl, and coloured her with Mepxy Markers.
This is all kinds of fun!!!
I add graphite as well just as I am shading and scribbling away!

I coated my page with Pebeo One Coat Gesso
and began adding Texture with Pebeo Texture Paste through a Crafters Workshop Template and added the Pebeo Mortier Paste where I wanted concentrated texture.
This is like tiny little crystal bits in a heavy paste that hold surprisingly well to your page even when adding paint on top.

I added Acrylic Paints with more stencils
and some I just swiped on thinly with a palette knife!

I added the girl with Pebeo Bindex Brilliant Gloss Binder, this is a glossy gel medium which holds really strong with a lovely gloss surface when dry!

I went around her to blend her in a bit more to the background, with some Big Brush markers.

I added the text with a brush pen.

(I have since crossed the 't' in thinker!  I spotted that since the photo was taken!)

I totally loved working with all these cool products.  It made the process really easy!

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